Sunday, October 12, 2008


Boston and Kinsley have this thing that they do (that Martha and Beau taught Boston and he passed the fun onto Kinsley) in which they yell "TANGO!" and run crazily all around! It is soooo funny. Anytime they are together they eventually end up "tangoing!" Anyway, one Sunday at mom's house I remembered to bring my camera to take pictures of them doing "TANGO!" Well Kinsley ran one way down the hall and Boston ran the other way (which was towards each other) and I snapped a picture just as a collision happened. That is why the picture is so blurry because I moved the camera! Luckily they were both okay but this picture is priceless!

(And yes I did 3 posts in one day and wanted to do many more but I thought I would save them for tomorrow! I will try to do better about updating - Sorry!)

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Martha said...

Oh my goodness!! I never got to see this picture! I'll never forget those cries...oh how sad they were!