Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music class

Kinsley started a music & movement class a couple of weeks ago. She and Boston are in it together along with Ella (Candy's little girl), Claire (Candy's friend Jill's little girl), and Broox & Bexley (Maureen's boys). They have a lot of fun, and it is great for Kinsley to be around other kids. So far, they have learned many songs such as the "hello song" where they do different things (clap, wave, roll) to say hello to everyone, "come into the kitchen" where they all hold hands in a circle and walk in together and back out, "the carpenter's hammer" with hand motions for hammer, saw, and building a house. They also play with "eggs" filled with sand (i think?) and sticks with bells on them. It's really great!
Here is week one:

Pure concentration here!!

Martha teaching Boston something (I forgot already)! Maybe she is just dancing with him.

This was at the end of the first class. Kinsley and Boston were the only ones rolling around on the floor. Too funny - another episode of "monkey see, monkey do." We experience lots of these with the two of them.

Here is week two:More pure concentration!

Using my tongue helps me figure these silly moves out!


Martha said...

This class has been SO much fun! I love the first picture of Kinsley with "pure concentration"!

Ashlie said...

Cute, cute! Glad she's having a good time with it!