Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fun-Filled Tuesdays!!

Every Tuesday has become a ritual for Kinsley and me. First we go (usually late) to our second season of Music Class with Shana Houston from 9-9:45 am. Then we head on over to Tiny Town at First Bossier from 10-11 am. From there we go enjoy some lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Needless to say, we are both ready for a nap by the time we get home usually around 1. Some of the people we go with are Martha (Marka as Kinsley calls her) & Boston, Kelley Lollar & Ty (who is 2 days younger than Boston), Katherine Hicks & Brynleigh (the most petite little girl ever - 3 months younger than Kinsley), Candy Joyce & sweet quiet Ella (Candy says she talks at home, but I'm not so sure.....), Holly (Candy's friend) & Anna, and Lauren & Chloe. They are all in the music class with us, and Leigh Ann Watson (our new youth pastor's wife) & her girls McKenzie (6 months) & Anna Grace (2 1/2 years old) meet us at Tiny Town usually. They all have so much fun together, and I am so glad that Kinsley is able to be around and enjoy other kids her age!!

MUSIC CLASS Our Music Class with Shana - she is one of the most incredible moms I have ever met!!

Kinsley & Boston dancing....

Little Brynleigh (she is so funny - she wants anyone to hold her, except her Momma!! - and if looks could kill.......)

Candy & Ella Joyce!
Sitting on "Marka's" lap....she gets so excited to see Marka & Boston!!! How sweet!

Lauren, Chloe, Brynleigh, & Katherine - don't be fooled, this was at the VERY beginning of class - Brynleigh left her Momma shortly after this picture - see picture with me!!

Kelley & handsome little Ty!

Kinsley & Boston

Sweet lil Anna Grace!

I think she sat at the top of this slide for 10 minutes before going down it. It is very slippery and very fast; in fact you just keep on sliding and land on your bottom on the mat. It's fun, but pretty scary for a 22 month old!

Sliding down the BIG slide with Ty and Mrs. Kelley - some kid hanging out at the bottom talking to everyone - Kinsley looks interested huh?!

Don't know what to say about this expression....probably up to no good!

Sliding with Ty and Boston!

Playing with Ty...

Ty sliding and Boston and some other little girl watching him....

Kinsley and Boston playing with the animal sounds...

Boston and Kinsley got so tickled over something and Boston kept laughing with his head in his was soooo cute!!!

Till next time!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sorry it's been so long......

I apologize for leaving the "blogworld" for a few months, but I am going to attempt to do better. We live such hectic lives and my type A personality won't let me just type a brief post that is not perfected a jillion times so a week turns into 2 weeks then a month then I realize I will have to do a LONG post or MULTIPLE posts to catch up and I can't find the time. Then a month turns into 4 months in a matter of time!!! So here I am - and instead of trying to go back 4 months, I will just start from now and like I said ATTEMPT to do better!

We headed south to the Big Easy January 31-February 1 to watch Jason run his 9th marathon. He had his fastest time of 4:01 so we were very proud of him! He never ceases to amaze me - I truly love him with all my heart! I thank God for him daily!

After mile 2.....

After mile 23....

On his way to the finish line...

After crossing the finish line and receiving his tired yet still so handsome!

Funny signs we saw along the way.......

The night before the race we all went out to eat to Bubba Gump's restaurant and walked around downtown for a little while. We saw these guys that were breakdancing and competed on America's Got Talent even. They were really, really good and funny! Then we headed back to the hotel where Kinsley and I made signs for Daddy!!

Kinsley's food came in this neat little boat.....too cute!

Posing with Daddy at the dinner table....we haven't quite figured out the "Smile, show me your teeth, say cheese!" thing yet....

He slid all the way across the dancefloor on his head....pretty impressive!


Kinsley liked the dancers and even danced along with them a little bit (in Poppa's arms)!

Making signs in the hotel room....Kinsley added her own drawings and stickers to them!