Monday, October 13, 2008

Playing dress up!

I know Kinsley is only 17 months old, but she definitely already loves to play dress up. I think she learned it from Miss Brooklynn! Anyway, I bought a few old dress up clothes from Reruns & Growing Pains, and I practically have to hide them to keep her from wearing them all day everyday. I have no problem with her playing dress up except when I am ready to go somewhere it becomes a MAJOR MELTDOWN to have to change her clothes. Here are some pictures of her in her dress up clothes:

Waving "bye-bye" and leaving in her car!

Blowing "sugars" to Momma as she drives off!

She also loves to get into Momma's shoes and attempt to walk in them. She is so darn cute!


Martha said...

Sweet little princess! I love that princess outfit that came with a hat! The pictures of her in your shoes are priceless:)

Sharron said...

Dress up...what fun! It only gets worse from here. The girls can change clothes up to 50 times a lie:)