Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mowing is exhausting!

Mowing the grass all day with Daddy can wear a little girl out. Jason cannot get on the "tractor" without his little partner begging to ride with him. I am usefully running around inside trying to clean as much as possible while they are outside mowing! Not as simple for me to do my chores with her help as it is for Daddy!


Martha said...

OH my goodness these pictures are hillarious! That mower put her to sleep?!? wow!

Ashlie said...

These are priceless! I'm surprised she went to sleep, too! Maybe it felt like one of those vibrating baby seats?

Annie said...

Hey Kenda! I was "stalking" around and found your blog. SO cute!! Anyway, when Gary (our 8-yr-old) was a baby, Randy and I had to drive him around on the 4-wheeler every day to get his nap in! Good thing we lived out in the country back then!